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Upgrading uberAgent

When a new version of uberAgent is available you need to do the following in order to update your existing installation.

uberAgent Indexer and Dashboard apps

Replace the directories uberAgent_indexer and uberAgent on your Splunk servers with the new versions you downloaded as described here.

uberAgent on the Endpoints

uberAgent's MSI installer has all the logic to upgrade an installation automatically preserving the current settings. Just run the installer again using your deployment method of choice as described here.

Note: Customizations to the configuration file made outside of Windows Installer are not retained during an upgrade. Such customizations must be re-applied after the upgrade.

Upgrading From Version 2.x to Version 3.x

As described in the release notes some sourcetypes and field names changed with uberAgent 3.0. Some of these changes are masked by the new dashboards which often can display new and old data correctly. However, that does not apply to all changes. We therefore recommend to keep the transition/upgrade period as short as possible.

We recommend you upgrade the Splunk dashboard and indexer apps first. Once that has been completed upgrade the agent on the endpoints.

During the upgrade period not all data may be displayed correctly from all endpoints. This will resolve once all components have been upgraded.

Upgrading From Version 1.x to Version 2.x

Please remove the version 1.x TA_uberAgent directory from your endpoints and deploy uberAgent 2.x as described here.

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