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What is the Definition of the Metric "Pre Logon Init"?

The pre logon init metric, displayed on the dashboard Single Logon, measures the time from session creation until user logon. High values may or may not indicate a problem, depending on the situation.

Example 1: Citrix XenApp

During a logon to a Citrix XenApp terminalserver typically a new session is created. In this case, the pre logon init metric is important: it shows how long it takes to prepare the new session and connect to it from the client.

Example 1: Physical PC

On a PC, on the other hand, the situation is often different. When a machine is booted, it presents its logon screen, waiting for the user to enter credentials. That, however, may take a very long time. The user might not even be near the machine when it is started. Therefore the pre logon init value can be very high without indicating a problem.

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