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Description of the uAInSessionHelper.exe Helper Process

Some information is only available to processes running in a user's session, not to services running in session 0. In order to be able to collect such data, too, uberAgent makes use of the helper process uAInSessionHelper.exe.

uAInSessionHelper is a lightweight and short-lived process that collects specific data, sends it to the main service and then exits.

How Often is uAInSessionHelper.exe Run?

uAInSessionHelper is run for the following reasons:

  • To collect information about a modern ("Metro") Windows app.
    Frequency: once when the app is started.
  • To collect Internet Explorer performance data.
    Frequency: once per timer interval of the metric BrowserPerformanceIE
  • To collect GPU performance data.
    Frequency: once per timer interval of the metric GpuUsage

Troubleshooting uAInSessionHelper.exe

If uAInSessionHelper logs errors to the following file:


Please review the contents of this log file when you suspect things are not working correctly.

Common Errors

Class Not Registered

You may see messages like the following in uAInSessionHelper's log file:

2015-09-04 22:16:48.140 +0200,ERROR,HK,XA1$,1856,IE Performance,Action 2 failed with: -2147221164
2015-09-04 22:16:48.142 +0200,ERROR,HK,XA1$,1856,GetBrowserPerformanceIE,Failed (2) with: Class not registered

The root cause for these errors is that uberAgent can only determine IE performance per website if IE is run in desktop mode, i.e. not as a Citrix XenApp published application. If IE is run as a published application certain classes required by uAInSessionHelper are not available, thus the messages.

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