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Persist configuration file modifications during agent updates

The configuration file gets overwritten during agents updates

With new uberAgent versions, settings in the configuration file might change from time to time. Settings might be added or removed, too.

To be sure that there is a valid and working configuration file for new versions, uberAgent's setup overwrites the configuration file on every update. As a result, custom modifications to the configuration file are lost.

How to persist custom modifications

As of version 5.0, one has the option to place a customized configuration file in %ProgramData%\vast limits\uberAgent\Configuration. If a configuration file is found there, it is used instead of the default one in the installation directory. Configuration files in %ProgramData%\vast limits\uberAgent\Configuration won't be deleted during agent updates.

Note, you have to review the configuration file shipped with the installer on every update for new or removed settings as well as tweaks to existing ones. Then merge them into the one in %ProgramData%\vast limits\uberAgent\Configuration. Otherwise, you won't get new features or other important configuration changes.

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