uberagent 7.1.1 installation restart required?

We are installing uberAgent 7.1.1 via a Splunk Deployment server to a Citrix PVS environment and noticed that the installation is asking for a reboot. That is not so good as the Windows servers start from a PVS image and install uberagent again.
If we adjust the silent-install.cmd with the /norestart option it works but we can see in the event log that event 1029 are created with the following message:
"Product: uberAgent. Restart required. The installation or update for the product required a restart for all changes to take effect. The restart was deferred to a later time."

Is the reboot really required and what happens if it doesn't happen?


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    Dominik Britz Official comment

    Hi Klaus,

    The restart is not necessary. It is a "feature" of the Windows Installer. We have not a found a way to get rid of the message.

    Best regards



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    Klaus Bayer

    Hi Dominik, 
    Thanks for the fast answer!


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