Pro-actively replace laptop batteries before they get too bad

Hi team,

Something we may start to make use of is the 'Last Full Charge' information on our laptop batteries. If uberAgent were to gather this data for us it would make things much easier. :)

The theory is, we can make great use of the data to pro-actively change peoples laptop batteries when we can see it's deteriorated beyond an acceptable point, say below 70% of it's design capacity. Stopping people from experiencing any really poor laptop issues, and also cutting out the need for an investigation once people notice the lack of performance and start contacting the helpdesk about it. 

The cmd command that getts the info is: 'powercfg -energy'

That saves a .html report containing the following key information

Design Capacity 51208
Last Full Charge 50424

Having this info lets us do the calculation for how much the battery has degraded and let us pro-actively fix battery issues in the company.

We may get something sorted ourselves but if uberAgent had it, it would make things much easier, and must be of use to other customers of UA.

Many thanks


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    Helge Klein Official comment

    Hello Andy,

    Many thanks for your suggestion. I am happy to report that uberAgent reports on laptop battery wear level as of version 4.0. Please take a look at the field BatteryWearLevelPercent in the sourcetype uberAgent:System:MachineInventory.

    The wear level shows the percentage of a battery's original capacity is still reached at full charge.

    I agree that this is a very interesting metric. In practice its usefulness depends greatly on the quality of the information made available by the battery itself.

    Regards, Helge

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    Andy Howat

    Perfect. Thanks, Helge.

    We're on an older version but we'll update in time to start making use of it.

    Thanks again,


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