Logon Duration longer than the sum of its parts

I am evaluating UberAgent and really love the data it provides. I have anomalies in my environment where a random user logon hangs at welcome on XD (7.13)/Windows 7. The total logon time will be something like 45 or 50 seconds but that is not the time it takes the profile/GPO/Scripts/Shell to process.

Normal logon is 12-15 seconds and the extra 30 seconds seems to occur prior to anything else happening. I want to assume it's the brokering or some other service that has hung but I can't figure out what. Is there data that is collected or another module that may help shed light on the phantom 30 seconds?

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    Please excuse the inacceptably late answer. We had an issue with the notification mechanism of the forum software.

    To answer your question:

    You should be able to see what is going on during any logon when clicking the logon's table row on the dashboard User Logon Duration. That will perform a drilldown to a detail page that lists, amongst a lot of other information, all the processes started as part of the logons along with their dependencies.

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