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I would like a KB which explain the easiest way to create a custom Dashboard in uberAgent. (And how to keep it after upgrade!)

Thx in advance.




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    Helge Klein Official comment

    Thanks for your feedback. Here is some quick advice on how to create a custom dashboard until we publish something more elaborate:

    1. Try to identify existing uberAgent dashboards (that ship with the product) that do similar things to what you want to accomplish with your dashboard.
    2. From the uberAgent dashboards copy the searches powering the charts/tables you are interested in by hovering over the dashboard element and clicking the little "i". A new "search job inspector window will pop up. Scroll to the bottom and copy the "search".
    3. Base the searches for your dashboard on the searches you copied from uberAgent dashboards in the previous step.
    4. You should publish you dashboards as a separate Splunk app. As such it is independent of our dashboards and will not be deleted or overwritten when you upgrade the uberAgent app.
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