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Sorry for my english.

In the single machine inventory, I can see all the installed microsoft KB.

For example, I would like a dashboard with a filter on one KB number like *KB2880971* :
- Servers with this KB
- Servers without this KB

Or a dashboard for comparaison between several hosts in a RDS or Citrix farm and find easily which KB missing for homogeneity.



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    Helge Klein Official comment

    Hi Julien,

    On the dashboard "Single Machine Inventory", when you click one of the updates in the table "all updates on this machine" you perform a drilldown to the dashboard "Single Update Inventory" that lists all the machines the update is installed on.

    Alternatively open the dashboard Applications > "Update Invenvory" for a list of all updates along with the hosts they are installed on. You can drill down to individual updates from there, too.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Regards, Helge

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