Diff between measured logon time and experienced logon time

OS: Windows 2012 R2. Citrix and RES Workspace manager

We have done an installation of uberagent 3.5 and Splunk in a test environment with success. A building block is added to RES to enable the shell data. The agent is up and running and pushing data into Splunk.

I did a test to check the validity of the measured logon-time. I did five logons where i used a stop-watch to measure the time from i click on the published desktop until i see the start menu in the session. Then i compared this data to the information in the "user logon duration" dashboard.

The logon times measured by stop-watch is always longer than the information from the dashboard. ( between 14% to 18% longer).

Can you explain why and is it possible to do something about this?

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    Helge Klein

    Hi Reidar,

    Are you replacing the Windows shell? If not, there is no need to enable the RES uberAgent building block.

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