I have tried your agent for 2-3 days on a customer installation and I think its fantastic. Thank you for providing such valuable tools to deep dive user sessions . Today the agent popped up saying "evaluation-not for production"

How can we remove this message, or what is the license cost to obtain a full production license per agent ??


Best regards

Tore Willmar Jakobsen

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    Timm Brochhaus Official comment

    Hello Tore.

    Please excuse the unacceptable delay in answering your question. Because of an technical issue with the community software we simply did not notice your post.

    We are always happy to send out an evaluation license of uberAgent to get rid of the splash screen during user logon. In order to provide you an evaluation license please contact us using the info [at] uberagent.com email address. 

    Best regards, Timm

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