Horizon View - Floating Pools question


With the large amounts of desktop recycling in a floating pool - How does UberAgent track stats when (for example) a user may use 1000's of VDI's or desktops a year.

Does UberAgent track via username or vCentre GUID/VDI objects (huge data-set if not by username)

This is a crucial decision point for us in regards to investigating this product moving forward.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.



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    Helge Klein Official comment

    Hi Marc,

    Please excuse the inacceptably late answer. We had an issue with the notification mechanism of the forum software.

    uberAgent can be licensed per named user or named computer (details). In a pooled VDI environment licensing per named user makes a lot of sense. In that scenario the number of individual AD user accounts logging on to the monitored machines are relevant for licensing.

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