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We would like a report that displays the number of Citrix users and their screen resolution settings. I see "display specifications" but I am uncertain on how to get this report generated.


Example report:

200 users =  3840 x 1080

120 users = 3360 x 1050 


Does anyone have a report like this they can share or any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Timm Brochhaus Official comment

    Hello Bill. 

    Please excuse the unacceptable delay in answering. Because of an issue with the community software we simply did not notice your post.

    Please try the following Splunk search to extract the data you are looking for. 

    | pivot uberAgent Session_SessionDetail_Users
    dc(SessionUser) as "# of users"
    SessionDisplaySpecs as "DisplaySpecs"
    filter SessionBrokerType is "Citrix"

    Thanks, Timm

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