ICA Latency missing since update to VDA 1906

Since the update to Citrix VDA1906 the latency is no longer shown in dashboards for Server 2012 R2. Error message in uberAgent.log:

2019-08-29 13:28:57.365 +0200,ERROR,<Domain>,<Server>$,6540,AddCounter,Adding PDH counter <\ICA Session(ICA-CGP 10 (<Username>))\Latency - Last Recorded> failed with: Das angegebene Objekt wurde nicht auf dem Computer gefunden.

It works on older VDA versions and on Server 2016 with VDA1906.

Seems to be a bug - in VDA or UberAgent?




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    Dominik Britz Official comment

    We cannot reproduce the issue and are thinking that it is a bug in Citrix VDA. However, we put together a fix to work around the issue which will be shipped with the upcoming version.

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    Dominik Britz

    Hi Ingo,

    Is the perfmon counter missing on that machine? Please check by

    1. open perfmon.exe
    2. Click on Performance Monitor
    3. Click on the green plus
    4. Go to ICA Session (not in the screenshot)
    5. Click on Latency - Last Recorded
    6. Check if there is an instance for the affected user session

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    Ingo Meister

    Hello Dominik,

    forgot to mention - it is shown in Citrix Director, also in perfmon.

    Only missing on Uber Dashboard for all Servers 2012 R2, VDA 1906 - all other devices report this metric (different VDA and / or different OS).

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    Dominik Britz

    As we need more logs to analyze this, I'm going to forward to our support system and will post a possible solution here.

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