Uber agent multi_tenancy

I am trying to set up the uberagent for mutiple tenants

We have created the new index and when we try to send data from uberagent then we get 

2019-09-13 11:20:04.316 -0400,ERROR,WORKGROUP,LTG-JGILLMAN$,20748,SendData,Sending to https://analytics.lockstepgroup.com:8088/services/collector failed with: {"text":"Incorrect index","code":7,"invalid-event-number":1}

This is my set up 

Name = Default
Type = Splunk
Protocol =HTTP
Servers =####
RESTToken =####
Index = uberagentfulton

If I change it to uberagent in my uberagent.conf file then it sends data perfectly

Can anyone please help on what we are doing wrong

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    Jonathan Gillman

    Found the answer I had to go into the Data Inputs and under uber I had to add the uberagentfulton to it 


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