Possibility to anonymize data

We have a need to anonymize the data generated by the uberAgent due to privacy restrictions (i.e. GDPR). I noticed there is a possibility to encrypt the username before it is forwarded to Splunk, but this can be easily decrypted with the supplied decryption tool. The capability to decrypt makes this option not useful for us. Is there a possibility to use a different mechanism, like a hash which cannot be decrypted?

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    Dominik Britz Official comment

    Hi Koert,

    When uberAgent's username encryption is on, the user names are encrypted in a simple way. The aim is to achieve obfuscation and high speed. Last but not least the encryption should be reversible (symmetrical). The encrypted username can be translated to a plain username with a separate tool. So it is not very strong encryption, but good enough for most use cases.

    If you need stronger encryption please have a look at what Splunk can do at index time: https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/Data/Anonymizedata

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