configure exception for a specific user in the uberAgent endpoint


We created a script outside of uberagent that frequently tests if a certain user can log in to multiple XenApp server.

Unfortunately this creates a lot of unnecessary data that is being sent by the uberAgent endpoint to Splunk and we would like to avoid that.

I looked into the Group Policy settings we use to configure the uberAgent endpoint but I was not able to find a settings that does this.

Does anyone have an idea on how to do this?


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    Martin Kretzschmar Official comment

    Hi Sven,

    Disabling uberAgent for a specific user is not possible, but you could either disable the uberAgent service on this test machine to avoid data collection or another option would be to just remove user-related metrics from the configuration.

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    Sven Goossens

    Thank you for this information.

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