Console & Protocol 4294967295

When I open the user sessions dashboard, I can sometimes see "console" or "Protocol 4294967295" in the Protocol column.

I'm not sure why uberAgent marks the user as having a "console" session because under further investigation it is just a normal ICA session just like the rest. I also never heard about a "protocol 4294967295" protocol.

Maybe it has something todo with a locked session or session lingering? But I'm not sure.

Does anyone know the answer?


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    Martin Kretzschmar Official comment

    Hi Sven,

    I am forwarding this to our support system as we need to look into the log file, which contains sensitive information.

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    Martin Kretzschmar

    This issue has been fixed since the release of uberAgent 6.0. From the changelog and release notes:

    Session Details [I228]: session protocol name and connection state contained wrong values if the protocol could not be determined.

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