UberAgent & Elasticsearch no data

I am testing UberAgent. I have got it working with Splunk. Now, I am testing it with Elasticsearch.

Both elasticsearch and kibana are running.

I have updated the uberAgent.conf to send data to elasticsearch

Name = Default
Type = Splunk
Protocol =TCP
Servers =localhost:19500
RESTToken =

Name = Elasticsearch
Type = Elasticsearch
Protocol = HTTP
Servers = localhost:9200


I can see uberagent* template elasticsearch index management via kibana.

However, I don't see uberagent index.

Shouldn't there be an uberagent index created ? Does that mean there is no data being sent from agent to elasticsearch?

appreciate your assistance on this issue.


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    The issue got resolved by updating

    Servers = http://localhost:9200

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    Dominik Britz

    Good to hear that you solved the issue. I'm tagging this as answered.

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