Reporting of GDI object consumption per app


Is uberAgent able to produce a report that shows the number of GDI Objects being consumed by a particular app on the desktop ?


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    Dominik Britz Official comment

    Wayne saw a high amount of GDI objects used under certain circumstances. While monitoring of GDI objects is not part of uberAgent's default data set, I created a script that one can run with uberAgent's custom script functionality.

    $sig = @'
    public static extern int GetGuiResources(IntPtr hProcess, int uiFlags);

    Add-Type -MemberDefinition $sig -name NativeMethods -namespace Win32

    $processes = [System.Diagnostics.Process]::GetProcesses()

    $Output = @{}
    $MinimumGDIObjects = 1

    ForEach ($p in $processes)
            $gdiHandles = [Win32.NativeMethods]::GetGuiResources($p.Handle, 0)
            If ($gdiHandles -ge $MinimumGDIObjects)
                $Output += @{"$($p.Name)" = $gdiHandles.ToString()}
        catch {
            # Process probably protected. Do nothing.

    Write-Output $($Output.Keys.ForEach({"$_=$($Output.$_)"}) -join ' ')

    The variable $MinimumGDIObjects allows limiting the output to processes with a certain amount of GDI objects to save Splunk data volume.

    Create a new timer like the following:

    Name = GDI objects
    # Run every 5 minutes
    Interval = 300000
    Script = powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file "C:\Program Files\vast limits\uberAgent\Scripts\Get-GDIObjects.ps1"
    # Run this script with system permissions
    ScriptContext = Session0AsSystem
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    Dominik Britz

    Hi Wayne,

    Unfortunately, uberAgent is not picking up GDI objects. Before I put it on our backlog, could you possibly explain your use case for this?

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