An application startup question..

Hi there,

I have a question regarding with the Application startup.

I used the dashboard to test Microsoft Teams startup. I launched the application and then closed it after a short while of idle.

Next I checked on the dashboard, which showed I have 12 Microsoft Teams startups although I opened Microsoft Teams 1 time only.

I have also tried on Process Startup and it showed 11 startups for Teams.exe

May I know what could possibly caused this problem?

And actually how the #startup was measured by uberAgent?

Thanks and regards,


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    Martin Kretzschmar Official comment

    Hi Vincent,

    I just did a quick test in my lab and my findings match your description.

    Even just one single launch of Microsoft Teams generates multiple running processes of Teams.exe (which can easily be observed in the task manager). 

    From my point of view, everything is working fine. It is just the way Microsoft Teams is designed to work. Each individual process counts into the number of startups.

    Kind regards, Martin

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