XenApp Published Application monitoring

We already have good monitoring coverage of VDI apps being used, and would like to extend that to published apps using XenApp.

We have deployed uberAgent agents on our Xenapp servers and DDC and can see a list of published apps in the "Citrix XA/XD Applications & Desktops" dashboard in Splunk.

However, that's all the info I can find on published apps - a list of what is published. Can we get similar info to VDI app use - e.g. login times, network traffic, crash info etc for published apps?



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    Martin Kretzschmar Official comment

    Hi Daniel,

    You are right, the Citrix XA/XD dashboards give you more of an infrastructure view on your Citrix environment.

    But as you have uberAgent already up and running on your XenApp hosts, the information you are interested in will show up as part of the machine/session/app dashboards.

    Just apply an appropriate filter, to limit the view to your XenApp hosts.

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    Daniel Spavin

    Thanks Martin,

    Initially I was trying to view published app performance by filtering using the "App Name" filter field, which wasn't giving any results.

    I found the "Session Info: Citrix" dashboard had a panel called "Published application usage (top 10)". That pointed me to the SessionPublishedName field in the SessionDetail data model.

    I've used that with some other filtering to get stats on UI Delays, Network latency, Session latency and a couple of other interesting metrics, broken down by published app.

    All the data is there - it's just a matter of finding the right fields to filter.




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    Martin Kretzschmar

    Thank you Daniel,

    Glad to hear, that you were able to find a working solution.

    This article might also be of interest to you.

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