The license file path in GPO


A quick question:

What is the correct way to configure the license file path in GPO, which one is correct:




Also, if there's a license file in the default installation directory at the same time, I assume that uberAgent will check the local license file first, if it is not a valid license file, will the uberAgent check the license file in the UNC path configured in GPO, or I need to remove the local license file to let the uberAgent check the file in the UNC path.



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    Helge Klein Official comment

    LicenseFilePath - Directory or File?

    uberAgent can use more than one license file. That is why the LicenseFilePath configuration setting requires the path to a directory that contains license files. We recommend using a path without a trailing backslash, e.g.:


    LicenseFilePath vs. Installation Directory

    The documentation states:

    If this path is not specified uberAgent looks for licenses in the installation directory.

    This means that when a license file path is specified, that path will be used instead of the local installation directory.

    LicenseFilePath and Network Connectivity

    Constant network connectivity to the configured license file path is not required, by the way. Licenses from the license file path are cached locally at "%ProgramData%\vast limits\uberAgent\License cache".

    Naming of Multiple License Files

    License files must follow the pattern: uberAgent*.lic

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