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Firstly I am a complete novice and I am trying to do a trend analysis on the performance of Citrix hosts and I have no idea on the best metrics to show me

CPU utilization

Memory Utilization

Disk Utilization

Page File  Utilization


Network Utilization


Session Count

can anyone kindly assist me in determining which metrics would be best for me to use?

I have tried the following:

"stats avg(cpu_load_percent) as "CPU Average", sparkline(avg(cpu_load_percent),1w) as "CPU Average Trend",avg(mem_used) as "Memory - Average",sparkline(avg(mem_used),1w) as "Average - Memory Trend",avg(IOPS) as "IOPS Average",sparkline(avg(IOPS),1w) as "IOPS Average Trend", avg(IOLatencyMs) as "Average - IO Latency Ms", sparkline(avg(IOLatencyMs),1w) as "Average IO Latency Ms Trend",avg(NetKBPS) as "Average Net KBPS", sparkline(avg(NetKBPS),1w) as "Average Net KBPS Trend" BY host" 

But the data I am getting back is garbage....

Many thanks in advance!

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    Martin Kretzschmar Official comment

    Hi Zaheer,

    I would recommend using our existing machine-related dashboards, like Machine Performance or Machine Network Communication, only to name a few. All dashboards offer great filter possibilities, to only show the machines you are interested in. You can also add multiple filters.


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