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Hello.   What would be the easiest way to calculate the score for experience Dashboard. is there a function to calculate this score?
for any help i will be grateful.


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    Dominik Britz Official comment

    To view the calculation we do in Splunk, unzip uberAgent's Splunk search head app, which can be found in the uberAgent download on our website.

    Have a look at the following file:

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    Dominik Britz

    Hi there,

    May I ask what your use case is? uberAgent's Splunk dashboards calculate the score for you.

    Please find the experience score documentation here: https://uberagent.com/docs/uberagent/latest/features-configuration/experience-score/

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    Hi Dominik,

    thank you for the answers.

    I want to calculate the experience score from splunk in Kibana. Therefore I would be very happy if someone would show me how to show this function to calculate the score. 

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    Dominik Britz thank you for the advice but it was not clear to me what the function for calculating the score is. thank you for the effort.

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