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I am restricting some users to certain indexes because of sensitive information they would otherwise be able to see. I recently noticed that some users can also see data from other indexes. This only seems to be happening in the new experience score dashboard.

Would this be possible? What could I do to solve this.


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    Dominik Britz Official comment

    Hi Sven,

    The Experience Score dashboard is not ready for multi-tenancy in version 6.0 but will be in 6.1 which is expected around the end of Q1.

    You can disable the experience scores.

    First, to stop Splunk to generate new scores, for the following saved searches in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/uberagent/default/savedsearches.conf:
    • [trigger_populate_score_per_machine]
    • [trigger_populate_score_per_session]
    • [trigger_populate_score_per_application]
    change enableSched and run_on_startup to
    • enableSched = 0
    • run_on_startup = false

    Second, delete the existing scores: https://uberagent.com/docs/uberagent/6-0/features-configuration/experience-score/#deleting-scores

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    Sven Goossens

    Hi Dominik,

    Thank you for the quick reply. I will implement this.

    Great to hear this will be fixed in new update

    thank you,


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