Experience score dashboard filtering

Can you share some ideas on how we can apply some filtering options to the Experience Score dashboard?

I tried cloning it, to see if I can could add some filter fields, but drawing a bit of a blank.

Specifically, we would be keen to be able to filter on the following types of field:

Machine AD OU

Host Tag


Any advice, or a future feature update to the Experience Dashboard to add those types of filtering fields would be great.



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    Dominik Britz Official comment

    Hi Paul,

    Happy to confirm that filtering on the Experience Score dashboard will be possible with version 6.1. Expect the release around the end of Q1.

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    Paul Maddocks



    That is indeed great news - I will keep an eye out for it.


    In the meantime, is there any expanded documentation / tips you can share for creating our own searches using host tag filtering. Currently trying to use 'join' and the hosttags.csv lookup table and I feel sure that I'm over complicating it - this is using search, not pivot.



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    Dominik Britz

    Hi Paul,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible with the current implementation. Session and app scores are missing a group by host to be able to filter.

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    Paul Maddocks

    Ok thanks.

    I was able to cobble this together following some of the breadcrumbs from the dashboard:

    | inputlookup lookup_score_per_machine | join type=outer max=0 host [search sourcetype="uberAgent:Tags:UserHost" TagName="SupportGroup"] | search TagData="filter" | stats
    min(MachineScore) as Lowest
    max(MachineScore) as Best
    avg(MachineScore) as "Daily average"
    by host
    | eval Lowest = round(Lowest,1)
    | eval "Daily average" = round('Daily average',1)
    |eval "Best" = round(Best,1)
    | rename host as Machine
    | table Machine Lowest "Daily average" Best

    Which does seem to give me some results that I could work from.

    Look forward to the function coming in the next version! Is there a beta / pre-GA version we can sign up for?

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    Dominik Britz

    I'll put you on the list

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