How can I check in UberAgent whether the swap file is being used at Windows 10 VDIs?

Is it possible to use the Uberagent to see whether the swap file is also being used?

Is there a dashboard for this or can someone give me a useful query?

Sorry. This are my first steps with UberAgent.

In Perfmon is this possible:
Add Counters -> Paging File -> % Usage and/or % Usage Peak
Total Committed Memory [PageFile]:

Get-WmiObject win32_operatingsystem | Select @{L='commit';E={($_.totalvirtualmemorysize - $_.freevirtualmemory)*1KB/1GB}}

Top10 processes consuming your Page File:
Get-Process | Sort PagedMemorySize -Desc | Select Name, PagedMemorySize, VirtualMemorySize -First 10





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