UberAgent 6.1

I was advised that an install problem we had with 6.0 would be fixed in 6.1...  (UberAgent install basically hosed our Windows server)

Is there a release date for 6.1?


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    Timm Brochhaus Official comment

    Hi Jon, 

    We are planning to release version 6.1 in late April/early May. 

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    Jon Louie

    Is there anything that you can add regarding the issue that caused the blue screens and what was done to fix it?  It is really unnerving that installing UberAgent made our Windows server instances unusable! My management team is requesting an RCA due to the unavailability of those systems.  My support request was 1454.

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    Timm Brochhaus

    Hi Jon, 

    The cause was a formatting issue for log strings. As mentioned, a fix is part of version 6.1. A workaround was mentioned in support case #1454. 

    Disabling ESA also helps and can be used as a workaround if ESA is not needed.

    EnableESA = false
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