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We have an applications which generates high Latency. About 3Mio Microseconds. Where is this latency from? How is this measured from uberagent? And do you know which latency is acceptable?

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    Helge Klein Official comment

    Application UI latency was measured by injecting a message in the foreground application's window message queue and measuring the time until it was processed by the app.

    The app UI latency feature was introduced in uberAgent 3.5 and removed in 5.0 because it was found to be not very helpful for determining application UI responsiveness.

    We recommend monitoring application UI delays instead, which tracks phases during which an application's UI is not responding to user input for 200 ms or longer. It is enabled through the configuration setting ApplicationUIDelay (enabled by default). The collected data is available on the Application UI Unresponsiveness dashboard.

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