improve awareness of network quality


My colleagues in charge of RTC tools in our company are asking if it would be possible to get more details collected about network connectivity.

1. (for wifi only) have measure of the current network connectivity quality. If feasible, could be added as part of uberAgent:System:NetworkConfigInformation

2. some measure about Jitter, as part of uberAgent:Process:NetworkTargetPerformance



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    Dominik Britz Official comment

    Hi Sylvain,

    Thanks for the very interesting feature requests. I added both to our backlog.

    Meanwhile, you could use our script engine to collect Wifi quality information. The command is netsh wlan show interfaces. To get only the quality value use (netsh wlan show interfaces) -Match '^\s+Signal' -Replace '^\s+Signal\s+:\s+','' in PowerShell.

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    Sylvain Baeriswyl

    thanks a lot.


    and thanks for the suggestion to go with the script method... That may be already enough to cover my need. will test.

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