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I want to compare 2 computers and the idea I have is to run some specific tasks on them, like running an Antivirus full scan, running vbs and powershell scripts, running an installation, etc and then compare how much time they took to perform the operation. Do you have that information? (not the time to start the app, but the time to run it entirely).

In addition, would be nice to have a Details Dashboard like that, you select the host and app and then you see not only how much time it took to run, but CPU/Memory/IO/Network utilization so that we could make those comparisons (benchmark).


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    Timm Brochhaus Official comment

    Hi Leonardo,

    I'm afraid that this isn't possible with uberAgent. One of the main reasons is that some required metrics aren't part of the collected data set.

    Maybe you could use a PowerShell script to execute the tasks and collect the information you are looking for by making use of the measure-object cmdlet. Another idea might be to make use of reporting mechanisms of our software distribution system, e.g., Microsoft System Center ConfigMgr.

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    Leonardo Gargioni

    Thank you Timm for the quick response, as I'm new to uberAgent I was unsure if you had this already in the datasets. I agree we can use these other methods to accomplish it for now.

    But I also would like to suggest it as a feature request, as many of the tools we run and will run in our environment are not installations or run through powershell, and if we use uberAgent as our main performance monitoring tool we'd like to have this information! Should I open a request?

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    Timm Brochhaus

    Hi Leonardo, 

    I created a support case based on your request and will process it there.

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