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Hi all,

I am rather new to uberAgent and Splunk. Is there a way to schedule PDF reports that visualize a certain dashboard in a seperate PDF document? At the moment the "schedule a report" button is greyed out.

I already looked at support articles that claim it doesn't work because of date/time picker but I was wondering if one of Splunk's addons, for example PDF Smart Exporter is not able to do this.

Or am I missing something?

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    Dominik Britz

    Hi Sven,

    You are right, scheduled PDF exports are not supported as our dashboards are forms which need some kind of input. Let us take the dashboard User Sessions as an example. The URL looks like https://Splunkserver:8000/en-US/app/uberAgent/session_user_detail followed by all the tokens which the dashboard expects: ?earliest=-1h&latest=now&form.FilterOperator=is&form.FilterExpression=*&form.FilterDatamodel=Session_SessionDetail_Users&form.Panel21Function1=sum&form.Panel22Function1=sum&form.Panel31Function1=avg&form.Panel32Function1=avg&form.Panel41Function1=avg

    To achieve your goal you could either use a third-party add-on like PDF Smart Exporter or you could script the PDF generation yourself. I would prefer the latter because when using PDF Smart Exporter you would have to edit our dashboards. These changes will be overwritten on an update.

    On Splunk Answers is a similar question and someone came up with a python script as a resolution to fill the tokens and then save the dashboard as a PDF file.

    Hope that helps!

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