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I am trying to interpret the data I am getting from the IE Add-On.  One example:


#Page Loads:4, Avg. page load total (s): 1.94, Avg. page load network (s): 0.06 Avg. page load render (s): 1073742.36.


I am trying to understand whtat the avg page load render is telling me - this number doesn't seem like it could be accurate.  We are experience high IE unresponsiveness and I am trying to correlate that to the sites being viewed, and I am seeing page load render times being extremely high in some cases.  Trying to understand - is this timing async. so the site could be visible but doing background SOAP requests?  Or is the counter wrong?  Or did the browser just hang until maybe they killed it?

Thanks in advance.

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    Dieter Schmitz Official comment

    The durations are calculated by an embedded script when IE sends the OnDocumentComplete event which ignores SOAP requests. This is done using the performance WebAPI.

    Your described page load times are definitely not correct and to be honest I'm not sure why this happens and only the render time is incorrect.

    What version of uberAgent are you using, and can you send me the affected URL to give it a try in our lab?

    In the case of an error, it would be a better option to create a support case via our website (https://support.uberagent.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).

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