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Hi Uberagent team,

I try to catch within Chrome, Firefox or IE the activity and performance counters of specific URLs, e.g., https://localhost:8080/mysite/.* or https://support.uberagent.com/.* using whitelist. Ueragent logfile shows whitelist has been loaded, the plugin for FF and Chrome are installed and the cmd command line excuted for IE in order to register plugin. I don't see any measurement except for SessionFgBrowserActiveTabHost but without detail on sub-URLs.

Browser Browser metrics are empty.

I am using ElasticSearch as a receiver.

Isit possible to get RAW agent data with this receiver ? 

Question : is it possible to get the tracking for sub Urls with Browser


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    Dominik Britz Official comment

    Hi Alain,

    Sending full URLs would result in a massive Splunk data volume. Hence we decided to only send hostnames (what we call tab hosts) to Splunk. It is not possible at the moment to collect full URLs.

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