SMB Client Performance on (VDI RDS Microsoft Client) no data

Good afternoon ,
I have uberagent implemented in several computers, some physical and other virtual (with vdi rds of microsoft). All data is being collected with the exception of SMB Client Performance that is not collected in any RDS VDI machine.
What can be wrong?
Two kinds of errors appear in the log of the virtual machines

* ERROR, DOMAIN, PCNAME $, 4040, GetSessionClientInfoFromWTS, Could not determine ip address from WTS session. Returned client address family: 0


* ERROR, DOMAIN, PCNAME $, 4040, GetObjectCountersAndInstances, Enumerating instances failed with: A required argument is missing or incorrect.


Thank you for the support



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    Dominik Britz Official comment

    We encountered a bug here and the fix will be included in the upcoming version.

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    Dominik Britz

    We transferred this to our support system as we need to read the log file. We will post a possible solution here.

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