Web browser data and process ID

I was wondering if it is possible to tie web browser data (uberagent:application:browserwebrequests2) to the process ID the URL was requested in?


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    Dominik Britz Official comment

    Thanks Michael,

    The process for a tab cannot be found via the window properties. All windows are owned by the one process of type "browser". There is an experimental Chrome API for this. However, extensions using experimental APIs cannot be hosted in the Chrome Web Store.

    As soon as this API makes into the stable release we will implement this feature.

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    Dominik Britz

    Hi Michael,

    I am checking with the developers. Meanwhile, could you possibly explain your use case a little bit more in detail? 

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    Michael McGuinness

    Sure.  We are trying to identify whether a URL that the customer is complaining is locking Chrome up.  I don't see in the page metrics that this is the case (page load times seem OK), so I wanted to see if CPU was being spiked or disk I/O from the process running that URL to see if maybe there was an indicator I could bring them as to what could be misbehaving.  So being able to tie a URL to the process owning it would be helpful in seeing that.



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