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Is there any plan to be able to obtain the Internet Service Provider for endpoints?  This would be helpful information for troubleshooting issues for employees working from home - along with the wifi info that is currently being captured with version 6.1.1.


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    Dominik Britz

    Hi Stephen,

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll discuss it with my team and get back to you.

    In the meantime, you could leverage uberAgent's custom script engine and collect the information through a third-party service like ipinfo.io. Below is an example script written in PowerShell.

    $ISP = (Invoke-RestMethod http://ipinfo.io/json).org

    $Output = @{}

    $Output = @{
    'ISP' = "`"$ISP`""
    Write-Output $($Output.Keys.ForEach({"$_=$($Output.$_)"}) -join ' ')


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