uberagent & citrix persistent machines MI

should we install uberagent agent on citrix persistent machines ( dedicated) Master image VMs ? 

what kind of info will be shown when installed successfully 


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    Dominik Britz Official comment


    uberAgent supports imaging technologies like PVS or MCS, see https://uberagent.com/docs/uberagent/latest/installation/installing-uberagent/installing-the-endpoint-agent/#imaging-citrix-pvs

    A list of collected metrics is available here.


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    iHNOo S.

    Thank you Dominik for your help.

    but I already have MCS images that have been provisioned before implementing UberAgent which used to create multiple machines as a dedicated desktop on Citrix. 

    does there any benefit if we install the endpoint agent on the image itself manually or not

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    Dominik Britz

    It doesn't matter if you install uberAgent in the master image or on every provisioned machine - the collected metrics are identical.

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