Citrix Cloud Machine Details - list of VDAs showing if in maintenance mode etc


Prior to switching to switching to Citrix Cloud control plane, we used the below saved/scheduled search to embed a list of VDA on a screen in our NOC - it currently just shows our old delivery controller

Is there a way to get a list of all registered VDAs, if they are in maintenance mode etc via Citrix Cloud integration?

| pivot uberAgent Citrix_Machines
latest(CatalogDisplayName) as "Machine catalog"
latest(IsRegistered) as "Registered?"
latest(IsInMaintenanceMode) as "Maint. mode?"
latest(EffectiveLoadIndex) as "Load index"
latest(CurrentSessionCount) as "#Sessions"
latest(CPUCoresLogical) as "#CPU cores"
latest(RAMSizeGB) as "RAM (GB)"
latest(HwIsVirtualMachine) as "Is VM?"
latest(HwModel) as "Hardware model"
latest(OsVersion) as "OS version #"
latest(OsBuild) as "OS build #"
latest(AgentVersion) as "VDA version"
values(TagsSplit) as TagsSplit
NameHost as Name
filter host is "*"
filter SiteGuid is "*"
| eval Tags = mvjoin (TagsSplit, ", ")
| table
"Machine catalog"
"Maint. mode?"
"Load index"
"#CPU cores"
"RAM (GB)"
"OS version #"
"OS build #"
"VDA version"


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    Dominik Britz

    Hi Adam,

    When you use uberAgent's Citrix Cloud integration, the same fields will be filled with data. So, yes, your search will still work.

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    Adam Ind

    Thanks for that - I've tried to set up Citrix Cloud integration as per your documentation, but can't see the equivalent fields - I suspect I don't have the config completed quite right. Is support available to help me work through this please?

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    Timm Brochhaus

    Hi Adam,

    I'm forwarding this to our support system as we need to look into the log file, which contains sensitive information.

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