URL filtering to restrict to internal sites

We would like to restrict all browser measurements to just intranet sites so as to preserve user privacy.  Those are our main focus anyway.  We'd like to blacklist .*, but allow *.mycompany.com, *.mysubcompany.com, etc.

Is there a way to do this?  From what I could see, there are some areas where the URL will show up even if you want it filtered?


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    Dominik Britz

    Hi Rick,

    You can use allow lists and deny lists. Below is an excerpt of the uberAgent.conf file for the setting [BrowserWebAppURL_Filter].

    # Optional filter for browser web app metrics (sourcetype uberAgent:Application:BrowserWebRequests2) and the SessionFgBrowserActiveTabHost field of sourcetype uberAgent:Session:SessionDetail.
    # Format: URL_REGEX = uberAgent_denylist | uberAgent_allowlist
    # (see the definition of URL_REGEX in the documentation)
    # URLs can be allowed or denied.
    # If an allowlist is defined, any URLs not on that list are ignored.
    # When a URL has passed the allowlist (or if no allowlist is defined), it is checked against the denylist.
    # If a denylist is defined, any URLs on that list are ignored.
    # Only tab URLs are filtered. This filter is not applied to request URLs.
    # Examples:
    # Allow only .com domains:
    # .*\.com/.*$ = uberAgent_allowlist
    # Deny vastlimits.com and subdomains over http or https:
    # ^https?://.*\.?vastlimits\.com/.*$ = uberAgent_denylist
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