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Hi uberAgent Community,

We have been looking at some of the network metrics lately for some Split to Full Tunnel VPN changes and noticed there are almost half the records with a blank NetTargetRemoteName. The NetTargetRemoteAddress is present but to generate a list of known NetTargetRemoteAddress and NetTargetRemoteName to compare would still show some unknowns as well as generate overhead on time/effort.
Network Metrics • uberAgent documentation

Is there a reason these NetTargetRemoteName are blank? Access, Security related? or missing or misconfigured config file?


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    Dominik Britz

    Hi Ayuba,

    NetTargetRemoteAddress contains the IP address of a target and NetTargetRemoteName contains the DNS name of a target.

    If a process makes a request to an IP directly instead of using DNS, NetTargetRemoteName will be empty. uberAgent makes a DNS reverse lookup when an IP is contacted to fill NetTargetRemoteName, but if there is no DNS information available the field stays empty.


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