PageLoadTotalDurationMs is 0 on 90% of cases

Hello! We are getting data from a web page where around 90% of PageLoadTotalDurationMs is 0. My little investigation suggest it might have something to do with location. Is that possible and is there something that must be open to give that data? Customer says it can't be possible that the web page is so fast


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    Timm Brochhaus Official comment

    Hello Thomas, 

    The field PageLoadTotalDurationMs is only available for events with RequestTypeDisplayName equals PageLoad. Could it be the case that you are looking at events with RequestTypeDisplayName XmlHttpRequest or WebSocket?

    You could verify page load events only by running the following Splunk search:

    index=`uberAgent_index` sourcetype=uberAgent:Application:BrowserWebRequests2 RequestTypeDisplayName=PageLoad | table TabHost, PageLoadTotalDurationMs
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    Thomas Soleng

    Thanks for fast answer!
    Modified the spl to include:
    That is the problem site.
    Out of 2245 events 31 have PageLoadTotalDurationMs more than 0

    Any other suggestions?

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    Timm Brochhaus

    Hello Thomas, 

    I have forwarded this request to our support system as we need information that may contain sensitive data to troubleshoot this.

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