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For UberAgent UXM,

Why the licence is tag as perpetual if it can't be used without maintenance (after the expiration of initial maintenance)?



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    Helge Klein Official comment

    Hi Jean Marc,

    Perpetual uberAgent licenses are exactly that: perpetual. This means that they do not expire. A perpetual license allows you to use uberAgent indefinitely.

    Maintenance is required if you want to be able to upgrade to newer versions (and for support, of course).

    Perpetual uberAgent licenses always come with one year of maintenance. This means that you can upgrade to newer versions for one year after the purchase. If you want to upgrade to newer versions after the first year, you need to purchase maintenance.

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    Jean Marc RENAUD

    Thanks for your response, so i can use my old licence with old version of uberagent, good news, and what hapen if the domain associate with my old licence has changed ?

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    Helge Klein

    uberAgent licenses are tied to AD and/or AAD domains. The list of domains can be changed free of charge. Please request a change by contacting us at info@uberagent.com.

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