uberAgent:Application:NetworkConnectFailure - Detection

I understand the concept of the metric but we are trying to get a better understanding of how UberAgent detects and registers disconnection counts for Application Network Connection Failures?

Can someone please provide details on how a connection failure is detected by the agent and counted?

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    Julian Krause Official comment

    Hi Zaheer,

    Thanks for posting your request. Generally speaking, we're looking at TCP connections established with a three-way handshake between the source and destination host.

    A network connection failure event is always produced when the agent detects that the TCP handshake has failed. Most likely, this is caused by a timeout, but it could also be when the destination host rejects the connection. Since uberAgent 6.0, our agent uses its network driver to analyze the network connections.

    In our dashboards, for example, Application Network Issues, we count the events in this source type and display them as #connection failures alongside the corresponding metadata such as host, user, affected app, etc.

    Kind regards, Julian

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